On October 14th , 2018 we were in Taltapanca, a very humble canton of our beloved El Salvador located in the department of Ahuachapan.

The weather was cold, but in the meantime human warmth was felt.

We arrived to Taltapanca specifically to the church of Apostles and Prophets, who kindly lent us the facilities to carry out the event full of blessings that we had prepared.

The counseling was carried out as always by the CEFAD Altavista brothers, who always accompany us to bring the Word of God to the people who need it most.

Subsequently, people were referred to doctors, who with great joy and conviction offered their assistance for the benefit of all.

At the end of the consultation they were given a bag of provisions that contained rice, spagethi, corn, soups and a special endowment provided by Convoy of Hope. In the same way, the pharmacy service was provided, where people went to withdraw the prescribed medication.

While this was being done, another group of CEFAD Altavista sisters helped with the donation of clothes and with the party for the children of the canton, who enjoyed piñatas, cookies, soft drinks and sweets.

It was a day of great blessing for the people of Taltapanca, and a day of great satisfaction for our team.

Again, we appreciate the selfless support they give to us and we hope to reach more people who need help.


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